Mindful Project Design 2 day workshop

Dragon Dreaming Method 


An iterative planning and change management process..

Vision Board
Mindful Planning
Mindfully Assess

Collective Intelligence
Awareness                   Motivation

Considering Alternatives

Design Strategy

Testing/ Prototyping

Implementation Administration

Monitoring Progress


Monitor & Progress 






In the 2 day workshop for project design, the Dragon Dreaming methodology is used. The deliverables for clients are very comprehensive: Vision creation, Project mapping outputs, Strategic timeline plan, and a self-assigned task list. It’s also has the added bonus of qualitative results like team building and deepening communication paths.


On the first day of the workshop we’ll go through vision creations and mindful communication exercises where we’ll dive into charismatic, authentic and empathic styles. Mindful communication enhances the productiveness of individuals and strengthens teams. 


Through this learning, managers from different departments to work together with open communication, engaging with one another for a wider input from the entire staff in order to improved products. 


We’ll work together in a large group and also have smaller breakout sessions, where we break down the details at each stage and come back together to formalize suggestions, utilizing the collaborative intelligence of the team.


Team Leadership Development:

People come together as individuals to work on project. Through the use of mindful techniques, people form a cohesive group during the norming and storming stages of the project. Individual empowerment through self-assigned task list project mapping utilizes the roles of: Mentor, Enthusiast, and Student. We keep the communication piece in play during the entire workshop.


In the simplest terms, on day 2, we’ll get Lots of ideas together, Decide what to go for, Create a plan, Assess it & Celebrate.