"As a business executive I have the distinct responsibility of strategically planning the growth of our organization.  This involves continuously self-reflecting and adopting policies and procedures that will continue to create a culture that will maximize employee performance.  With an ever-changing workforce that affect employee and vendor relations alike it is critical that I am continuously learning new perspectives on how we effectively communicate within our organization and through our partnerships.  This led me to Michelle Jeffalone’s Mindful Communication workshop.

Immediately into the workshop I was able to identify places where my company was infringing on key components of mindful communications but also in many areas where we could make improvements.  Michelle’s command of the exercise’s and approach to group sharing was the perfect balance of self-reflection and affirmation that kept me involved and interested throughout the entire workshop.   Some of these exercises pushed me out of my comfort zone that lead to a better understanding of not only how I communicate but also see the struggles that others experience while communicating with me.  Identifying the various perspectives when communicating was an extremely important lesson in becoming not only an effective communicator but also an effective listener!   Directly dealing with these dynamics through this workshop will allow me to be a more effective manager. 

I am a major proponent of continuing my effectiveness as a manager through the attendance of workshops and seminars.  Michelle’s expertise and passion that is on display during this workshop made this an invaluable experience.  Now instead of infringing on key components of mindful communication, I am ready to confidently implement many of these lessons into our organization." 


Kurt Chapman

Vice President of Operations



“I want to thank you for Saturday's introduction to your Project Design model. It brings humanity into strategic work processes and includes techniques that many corporate leaders will have experienced in their careers through development opportunities such as: Appreciative Inquiry, Gestalt, NLP, Neuroscience, and processes from other cultures. I saw all these elements, crafted that would offer business planning for startups, project management kick-off sessions, leader and team development, creativity - product marketing sessions - just for starters!”

Karly Olsen-Haveland

Operational Change Management