If your experience is

Inefficiencies in project design, management, and execution

You’re working too much and wish to empower the team to make critical decisions

The lead team has a disconnect with the business’s vision

Individuals’ problems are stemming from stress

Communication tree has stop gaps where information doesn’t flow, negatively impacting your business



Mindful Communication & Project Design 2 Day Workshop package


We increase productivity, revenue, and transparency within teams through experiential learning of Mindful Communication coupled with utilizing our model for Project Design.


Within 7 business days of the workshop your team will receive:

Vision Outputs

Project Mapping Outputs

Strategic Plan Timeline

Self-Assigned Task List


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Good Fit?

Business Needs & Solutions

If you want help...

Being heard and empowering your voice

Working with difficult people

Having difficult conversations 



4 week intensive Mindful Communication Online course


Through research backed experiential learning we’ll consider charismatic, authentic, empathic, and mindfulness communication styles. Our experiential and learning model alleviates power struggles and equalizes group dynamics moving you towards a mind share & collaborative model. We'll go through together: power, presence & warmth.


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